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Outcome-oriented treatments

Our philosophy is to deliver the best outcome possible for your pet with the least amount of surgical risk. This may not always involve surgery.

Highly communicative

We will communicate with you throughout your pet’s journey with us. These include, but are not limited to: - At the first consultation, you will meet our surgeon - During the pre-operative physio appointment (when indicated), you will meet our physio - On the morning of your pet’s surgery, you will meet our admission nurse - Just before your pet moves into the theatre, you will receive a text to let you know - During anaesthesia recovery, a photo of your pet will be texted to you, so you can see all is well - After recovery, our surgeon will ring you to let you know how the surgery went - When you come to collect your pet, you will meet our discharge nurse - When your pet is tucked up at home, our nurse will ring you to answer any questions you may have - During post-op physio appointments (the first one is usually the day after surgery) our physio meets with you - 10-14 days after surgery (for non-travelling clients) you will meet our surgeon to check your pet’s progress - After we receive the six-week x-rays from your vet, our surgeon will email you and our nurse will follow up with a phone call

Financial certainty

It is stressful enough discovering your pet requires surgery, without adding financial pressure. For peace of mind, our surgery packages have fixed prices.

Ultimate pet comfort

To enhance your pet’s emotional well-being, our clinic is designed with Fear Free ® principles. To further reduce anxiety, we recommend you bring in your pet’s favourite toy and or blanket so they have a familiar smell of home. As well as enhanced smell, animals also have very sensitive hearing. Research shows that animals respond favourably to calm music. At admission, we’ll ask what would make your pet more comfortable and we are happy to play familiar tunes.

Calm, clinical excellence

We don’t schedule too many surgeries each day. Our team likes to dedicate as much time as needed to your pet. Our consults are up to one hour long. We take time in devising the best surgical plan, often with discussions between our surgeons. Our experienced surgical team performs each surgery precisely, calmly and quietly.

Your pet is never left alone

During anaesthesia recovery, our lovely surgical nurse sits with your pet (and offers plenty of cuddles) so they are never alone. Your pet also wakes up in a temperature-controlled room with the sole focus being a stress-free recovery.

No separation anxiety

Most pets go home with multimodal pain relief on the same day of surgery. This avoids separation anxiety from you and expensive after-hours care.

Multimodal pain relief

We give a lot of attention to each patient’s comfort after surgery. Pain relief starts before surgery with a nerve block to numb the surgical site. This lasts well into the postoperative period. Three weeks of pain relief are provided for most patients as part of each package.

Four physio sessions included

Four physio sessions are included in each orthopaedic package to restore mobility quickly and safeguard against further injuries.

Rehabilitation treatments

It is important your pet makes a powerful recovery after surgery. Our physio sessions use Game Ready ® treatment to reduce swelling. Additionally, Class IV Laser Therapy reduces pain and swelling, increases blood circulation and accelerates healing.

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